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1K part 1


Si, after startin’ tis blog on 2011, ah cound 1000 followers! Truth be told, ah thought that was a number ah’d never achieve, but it happened.


Ah liked the idea of doin’ one of those pics where one draws a bunch o’ followers, and planned doin’ abour 50 or 60… and it went a bit outta control and ended up drawin’ 237 OCs, all by hand!


Top row: dustyhooves | ask-lace-secret | whitesstuffblueberry-twist | asksteelhoof | arcsjournal

Medium row: askmarejusticeaskshadowdash | askshadowflame | fisherpon | james-hairspray | queenfrau | asksprite

Low row: roro-oh-lala | itsmesweetholly | rainboompony | askcheeseyburger | rosexknight | coalheartguy


Top row: ask-little-emerald | wemakeponysofas | princessmuse | ask-lord-crimson | ask-bandaid | ask-rangeraspen | asktartaurus

Medium row: askdayglow | asklaurastuff | askdrachian | askneko3240 | ask-cobalt-and-nano | ask-obsidian-storm | poorbeat | askyourgunrunner

Low row: lulamoonanswers | brokenfoxfire | askfullforce | adurot | askfuselight | nightshademodtalesofwildcard


Top row: ariyous-dusk-mod | askwildheelsr-leostar | szuzka | herbie153 | askpencilmac | dark-symphony

Medium row: asklittlericepaddyscytemaster892 | sillyfilly |
cool77778 | nekro-led | pumpkincakeanswers | ashfear

Low row: for-solace-and-serenity | rose-luck | askprosopeio | professor-maple-art | sixcorrupted | ask-lovely-pagesimage

Top row: nasubutt | krougy | transdimensionalcolony | ask-applepunch | ask-chiffon-chemise | sparkdax

Medium Row: askdarklash | ask-rosealina-and-the-doctor | catorithepegasus | askrednetthall | ask-fleetfoot | ask-knightpony | cybii-san

Low row: plendetondreadful | eeriegloom | musictrance | askdarknebulatoastwiththemost | chele-the-newfieseer | ask-kid-discord


Top row: askcombatgrey | shootingstarsafterdark | askthenightguards | musical-medic | askursamajor | ask-keon-nakade

Medium row: ask-cybelio | smittygir4 | tumble-trotter | askthestorykeeper | lloxie | asknightspinner

Low row: 11-white-dragons | sparky-and-sparkle | aby-askblog | strawberry-scales | reignbowbridge | poniesofborel

((Holy crap!

I mean thanks. That probably took hours to draw.

… I really should update.))

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Meanwhile the bear answers a question asked over a year ago.

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Fanpony here to let you all know she’s still alive with a doodle of Sasukeshy with her Ursano’o! She’s still working on her milestone, as well as answers and commissions, but life is a bit tough at the moment so she’s…sluggish to say the least. She humbly asks that you all continue to beeaaarrr with her a little bit longer. And thanks again everyone!


((Yeah, I’ll take this as fanart.))


Finland’s independence day: 6th December.

Mod’s 30th birthday: 9th December.

Hearth’s something-something: 25th December

So, here’s for all that.


Also, the follower counter visited 500 before getting too scared and backing down, so here’s for that too.

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“You're awesome! -Ethepony”

You have no idea how well timed your praise was.

I have been listening to this while trying to keep my chin up.

Equine glossary:

Weanling - Under a year old foal that has been weaned from it’s mother.
Suckling - A foal that has yet to be weaned.