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Yes, yesss. I see somepony is slowly transitioning to the grumpy-grey-big-nosed-stallion club. JOIN US. AHAHAHAHAHA!

(also ps i like the new lineart style mmhmmm)

Thanks ask-wiggles! Considering two of my major influences are your blog and askdiscordwhooves I don’t think my moving further in that direction is a big surprise. Hopefully the Professor is different enough to not get lost in the pile, I do think the market for such ponies is a little oversaturated. Too late to worry about that now though; I just gotta work with what I’ve got!

In order to keep up in this market, I’m introducing a new change to Adamant and Westwood.


Ask the Night Anteaters! Coming soon!

Manure has hit the fan when you hallucinate about your former hook-ups.

The red nosed horse is stealing his looks from redvelvetrunaway
The cloud head is Skye Gazer’s mommy Claudia from askstarshot

Meanwhile the bear answers a question asked over a year ago.

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Fanpony here to let you all know she’s still alive with a doodle of Sasukeshy with her Ursano’o! She’s still working on her milestone, as well as answers and commissions, but life is a bit tough at the moment so she’s…sluggish to say the least. She humbly asks that you all continue to beeaaarrr with her a little bit longer. And thanks again everyone!


((Yeah, I’ll take this as fanart.))


Finland’s independence day: 6th December.

Mod’s 30th birthday: 9th December.

Hearth’s something-something: 25th December

So, here’s for all that.


Also, the follower counter visited 500 before getting too scared and backing down, so here’s for that too.

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“You're awesome! -Ethepony”

You have no idea how well timed your praise was.

I have been listening to this while trying to keep my chin up.